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John Highley AKA DentMagicJohn

Bio: A lifetime of Automotive Repair with 20 years of experience.


John Highley has been working in the automotive dent repair industry since the age of 13. His father owned a body shop and a small car dealership where he taught his son how to paint, detail, and how to do body work. John also learned the hammer dolly technique of paintless dent removal. Later in life John continued his journey by managing a million dollar auto reconditioning center at the age of 20. Soon after that he received his first set of PDR rods, it didn’t take much to his imagination to realize this was the way to refine the technique.


In 2001 John and his wife Angela had their first child John Jr.


After years of employment, in 2003 John decided it was time to go out and dedicate 100% of his energy building the DentMagicJohn brand. John then started his dealership service route, he dedicated his days in the wholesale industry doing dent repair at auto dealerships. At one point John serviced over 50 dealers. Looking into the future and seeing the wholesale industry in a decline John decided to leave the dealership route and become a storm chaser within the auto hail damage industry.


In 2006 John left his dealerships and went on to his first hailstorm in Indianapolis, Indiana. The experience was truly humbling with cars coming in that had hundreds of large dents and busted out windows. This storm was truly a baptism by fire. After working in Indianapolis for nearly a year John refused to give up while repairing some of the worst damage in the country. After chasing the hail circuit for another year it was time for John’s son to start kindergarten, It was time to begin another journey.


Coming fresh off the hail trail in 2008 John was faced with going back into the declining wholesale industry or taking on a whole new idea of selling his dent repair to the public. John then gave all of his energy to the mobile retail PDR business, the first year was a success but nothing compared with what was soon to come. After 3 years of developing a growing mobile business. In 2011 Centerville, Ohio a near by town was hit with a giant hailstorm, it was time to open the first DentMagicJohn Hail Repair Warehouse.


From the aftermath of the hailstorm that hit, John moved his business into a 25,000 square foot warehouse and hired as many hail chasers as he could handle. That year the DentMagicJohn enterprise fixed over 1700 vehicles including fleet accounts from three local cities, sheriff’s department, and four body shops. With a year occupancy the business had never been better and it was the right time for John to open his first retail location. Furthermore during this hailstorm John began filming his work and crated DentMagicTv.com.


After receiving thousands of views from his videos and hundreds of request for training in 2012. John decided to start his own training company. People loved John’s unique ability to convey his message through a principle based training system. In 2012 John was elected to become a board member within a worldwide nonprofit organization called PDR Nation, which the groups main objective is to educate technicians all over the globe. He chaired the ethics and standards committee, helped write the I-Car curriculum, and currently resides as their Marketing Manager. He then contributed his oil can stability technique by writing a article for one of the biggest industry news letters, the PDRN news letter.


In 2013 John launched his successful charity, Dents For Kids. He’s also a speaker and coordinator within a marketing seminar at the world wide Mobile Tech Expo. John has a lifetime of achievement in the PDR industry and would like nothing more than to pass his expertise to you. John stresses that connecting with a reputable company who offers one on one training and has passion for their students success is KEY when receiving good PDR training.


Quote, “Your Success Is My Success”

By John Highley



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