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What's the difference between a door ding and a dent? Well, a door ding is a small diameter of 1 1/2" or smaller. Roughly no bigger than a silver dollar. A dent is considered anything bigger and generally takes more time.

Smaller doesn't always mean easier and cheaper. If your ding is sharp, deep, across a body line or above a brace, your door ding removal will be more complex and require more time. When metal is stretched, so is the paint. This is why we consider "not all dings and dents are the same."

In general though, door dings are not that complex and completed within 30 minutes or less. Multiple dings and dents are completed withing 1-2 hours. We do offer volume discounts for multiple dings. Group discounts are welcome as well.

Dent Magic John paintless door ding repair and removal offers mobile service to your home or office in Dayton and Cincinnati, Ohio areas.


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FAQ's About Paintless Dent Removal

  • How Long Does PDR Take?
  • WIll PDR Hurt My Vehicle?
  • How Much is PDR?
  • Is PDR Guaranteed?

Depending on the damage, depth and location, PDR can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours. Door dings usually take less time and bigger, deeper dents take more time to remove. **Note** Pricing mainly depends on how sharp the dent is and location, not the size.

Dent Magic John's skilled technicians are fully knowledgeable and trained in plastic and metal properties. Our certified technicians will transform your damaged area back to its original condition without the need for costly body fillers, sanding, and painting typically associated with conventional body shop repair work. Your vehicle will be restored while preserving the integrity of the factory or custom paint finish. 

Depending on depth, location and access, an average repair cost is between $89-$150 (Usually 70% less than a body shop). Multiple dings and dents vary between $150-$500. Please watch our detailed video presentation about the cost of paintless dent removal below.

Yes, PDR is guaranteed! If you are not 100% satisfied you will not be charged. Upon accessing your vehicle’s damage, our certified technicians will advise you on the best method of repair and the expected results. In cases where bodywork is recommended but the customer insists on going with the PDR method, our technicians will indicate in advance what realistically is to be expected.